Time & How Quickly it Changes or Does it? Times they are a changing, aren't they?In reading the stories entitled, "Iroquois Creation Story," by John Norton and "The Origin of the Creek Confederacy" by Chekilli in the book entitled, "The World Turned Upside Down: Indian Voices from Early America," by Colin G. Calloway,I have come to understand the ways of life in the early 1800's and the mid 1700's.Things seemed to be so different back then, but were they really?Did the people still have the same kinds of morals and values as people do now?Did they really live their lives that much differently than we do now?I have come to see that things really are not that different. It seems that these two stories are quite similar in the way the characters act, speak, and feel.They way they do these things are the almost the same way that we go about doing things now.The two brothers in thefirst story appear to be rivals:Good vs.

Evil.The evil one does things that evil people do today, but of course without the same consequences.The good brother has such high morals and he shows them by freeing the animals.In the second story, the groups of people in it are closely like us.They have to basically fend for themselves by finding their own shelter, food, etc.

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I can't really say that I have that responsibility, but I know my parents do by keeping a roof over our heads and by making sure that we have clothing on our back and food to eat.Things are just the same as they were…we just go about it in different ways now.

They had a contest to elect the eldest tribe and refer to them as the leaders.We do the exact same thing now, elect a leader! On the contrary, I must state that in these stories some of their ideas seem ludicrous to me.In the "Iroquois Creation Story", the author discusses a "Great Spirit" (Calloway, 23) and .