All over the world there are people of different cultures, colors, and beliefs.

Some that are alike and some that are different.Although the world is full of different and unique people there are some cultural universals.Cultural universals are something all cultures possess.Three cultures, Yanomamo, Mbuti Pygmies,and the Inuit Eskimos have cultural universals. Understanding these cultures can be a difficult task, but with the knowledge of these cultural universals; economics, communication, and technology, understanding these three culture similarities and differences can be effortless. First of all, all cultures have an economic system.

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Though each system is slightly different each of the three cultures have one.The Yanomamo system includes a trading system within their groups.They only work up to three hours daily.The Mbuti Pygmies on the other hand trade with other tribes of other cultures.They use the forest for their materials for trade.

The Inuit Eskimos also use other tribes to trade with.However these tribes are of the modern world.Trade is the foundation of these cultures economic systems and as much as they are different the all depend on their own system to survive.

Secondly, every person in the world a has some way to communicate with another person.Whether you are English, German, Polish, deaf, blind, or unable to speak there is a way you can communicate. Every culture has their unique language. Body language, written language, or spoken languages are some examples.The Yanomamo speak with a cobari dialect.Their language is special to their culture it is called yanomamö.

The Mbuti Pygmies also have their own special language.The interesting fact about the Pygmies is that each individual tribes of their culture has a different languages, which can be understood by all groups of Pygmies.The Inuit Eskimos have a language called Evenk.An intriguing fact about the name Eskimos.