As time goes on, different things from our history become more and more important and influential. It takes time to see how an event could be influential. And what does it influence? On September 11, 2001, our nation was rattled with the terrorist attacks against our nation. It was a huge event in our history. However, time will tell how influential this event is.

What does it influence? Will it influence our way of life more as the years go by? It took a good twenty, thirty years or so before non-segregated schools were truly non-segregated. So what makes an event truly important in our history? What makes an event leave such an impact that it sticks out strongly in your mind? The answer is simply the lasting effect it has on our society and how strong it made us in the end. There are three main events that have truly shaped our nation and society as it is today. Thefirst of these events would be women's right to vote. Women make up a huge percentage of American's population.

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By suppressing that large number you blatantly ignore a powerful force. When women gained the right to vote in 1920 the nation gained a powerful voice. Amendment 19 gave women the right to vote and it made our nation stronger.

After that, the entire nation's citizens could vote, thus allowing the nation's voice to be heard. This amendment is one of the best amendments there is. It not only shows that women have a powerful voice and position in society, but also that women are equal to their husbands, brothers and fathers. The American character was shaped by the ability to go West. The second event is the conquest of the West. In the 1800's Americans unitized their freedom and moved west. Settlers faced hard times once they settled and began their lives on the frontier but they stuck together, strong, united as one, and helped each other get through it. The Homestead Act helped motivate the pioneers to survive.

It was a time when…