Under the Government there are three branches that each have individual powers.

These three branches are the executive, judicial ,and the legislative branch. These branches have seperated powers. The executive branch carries out the laws. The judicial branch checks the laws. The legislative branch makes the laws.

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When the government seperated it’s powers they expected it to run smoothly. However, in some cases it did not work so well. Throughout history issues came about that caused the branches to disagree. On February 21, 1868 President Andrew Johnson adressed to both Houses of Congress a message saying that he removed the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton and replaced him with Adjutant-General Lorenzo Thomas. Both the legislative and judicial branches were furious and completely disagreed with the actions of the executive branch. Under the Constitution and laws of the United States, President Andrew Johnson had no authority to remove the Secretary of War and select someone else for the job.

President Johnson’s actions had a long-term effect on all of the following United States presidents. The action of President Johnson made it clear to all following presidents that a president may not decide to remove someone from a position such as Secretary of War and select someone new to take his place. This was resolved by the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson….