Three Ways to Increase Your Faith How would you expand your confidence? I used to battle with this as a youthful Christian.

In any case, in time I’ve learned no less than three basic approaches to help manufacture and increment our dependence on God. 1. Read the Word Or if nothing else hear God’s Word. Romans 10:17 (NKJV) says, So at that point, confidence drops by hearing, and hearing by the expression of God. On the off chance that nobody had ever educated me concerning Jesus, and about God’s arrangement for my life, or on the off chance that I had never perused for myself about Him, I would be ignorant regarding the requirement for confidence. Perusing or hearing God’s Word resembles planting a garden. In the event that you need to develop or “fabricate” a garden, you should first plant the seeds, or the genuine plant or bloom. God’s Word is the seed that develops the confidence.

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Knowing His guarantees, what God says in regards to you, about existence, and about Jesus’ arrangement for unceasing life won’t transplant themselves into your cerebrum by osmosis. Get comfortable with the Bible and what confidence is about by mulling over its substance. This will give you the reason for developing or expanding your confidence. 2. Regard the Word James 1:22-24(NKJV) offers a moment approach to build your confidence: But be practitioners of the word, and not listeners just, beguiling yourselves. For on the off chance that anybody is a listener to the word and not a practitioner, he resembles a man watching his characteristic face in a mirror; for he watches himself, leaves, and promptly overlooks what sort of man he was.

What I find in the mirror when I first wake up isn’t the most lovely sight. Clearly I see there is work to do and cosmetics to apply in the event that I need to add to my appearance. On the off chance that we neglect to regard what we’re perusing and disregard what God is letting us know, at that point our confidence becomes stale. It took confidence for us to wind up offspring of God in any case. In this way, with a specific end goal to develop and increment our confidence, we have to utilize that “measure” of confidence God provides for everybody and expand on it.

3. Test the Word There is a distinction in “testing” God by “challenging” Him (perceiving how far God’s understanding will run with your own particular self will) and “testing,” or demonstrating God’s Word is valid. Malachi 3:9-11 (NIV) offers one down to earth way God says we can demonstrate Him dependable to His Word. This section concerns tithing and being great stewards of the things He has given us: Test me in this,” says the Lord Almighty, “and check whether I won’t toss open the conduits of paradise and spill out so much gift that there won’t be room enough to store it.” As you “test” or follow up on what God says and encounter God’s favoring, your confidence develops. The way toward testing the measure of confidence you have may include trials and troubles. How might you build your confidence in those conditions? Think of it as unadulterated euphoria, my siblings and sisters, at whatever point you confront trials of numerous sorts, since you realize that the testing of your confidence produces determination (James 1:2-3, NIV).

A Personal Example The first run through my significant other and I needed to concede we were monetarily tested, we had a few decisions to make. The greatest one was, would we trust God and the guarantees we had perused in His Word? At the point when another trouble created, we confronted similar decisions. In the event that we trusted God, our confidence grew somewhat more. At that point the huge emergencies emitted, similar to joblessness, child rearing, and marriage challenges. Be that as it may, each time we thought back and saw the tracks of God’s dependability.

He really had kept His Word, and we came to comprehend the genuine significance of “determination.” Trusting Him with littler issues has fabricated our confidence to trust Him for the more difficult issues. However, there are still circumstances when I feel more like a child in my confidence than a monster. It’s dependably needing developing.