The Indian government has declared that India would construct its first ever 300 MW thorium reactor by 2016- 2017 in collaboration with its Atomic Energy Commission.

Named after the Norse God of thunder, Thorium has been described by Forbes as possibly “the biggest energy breakthrough since fire”. Thorium as a matter of fact holds the capacity of replacing Uranium as an ultra-safe and amazingly cheap nuclear resource. India’s thorium plans are far more effective and efficient than any other developed countries like the U.

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S.A and the U.K. a thorium plant is soon to be set up in India once regulatory and environment impact clearances are made. The location decided for the first Thorium reactor is Kundankulam in Tamilnadu or Tarapur in Maharashtra. It is said that India will be able to survive on its Thorium reserves for hundreds of years because the fuel requirement would be 4.7 tons per year and 52 tonnes of fuel in its core initially. It has been estimated that once India itself becomes sufficient of its energy resources, it can actually export Thorium to developing countries in East Asia and Middle East.

Coal, which is considered as hazardous to the environment, occupies 68 percent of the nation’s electricity resources. Slowly and steadily, this has to be replaced by Thorium because of its environmentally friendly nature. But what is sad is that in addition to coal scams, thorium scams have also been witnessed by the Indian government. An estimate scandal of more than 48 lakh crores have been reported by the media recently. These scandals are the primary reason why India cannot develop in most of the important areas. India is abundant in thorium supplies and it is thus essential for it to maintain and develop thorium power plant. Once the thorium project is successful, there will be no shortage of electricity supply in India.