"Vote for Woodrow Wilson"!That is what was being said throughout the country.His name had been spread for not only being the President, but for being a scholar, a teacher, and a university president.But he had encountered many difficult tasks throughout his life. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born on December 29, 1856 to Joseph Ruggles Wilson and Janet Woodrow in Stauton Virginia.He was the third of four children and his was of Scottish and Presbyterian descent.The church played a hard and commanding role in the up bringing of Thomas. They moved several times; they had moved to places like Augusta, Ga; and Wilmington, N.

C.During his childhood he suffered dyslexia and did not learn to read until he was ten and yet, he still had a passionate interest in politics and literature.As a teenager his dad taught at the Columbia Theological Seminary in South Carolina, and he became more and more into Politics. He soon dropped hisfirst name to emphasize the family connection and because he thought "Woodrow Wilson" sounded more dignified.

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His father served during the Civil War as a chaplain with the confederate army, and his church in Augusta was turned into a hospital.That is when he was deeply affected by the horrors of the war. Years later, he attended Davidson College near Charlotte, North Caroline for a year before transferring to Princeton University in 1875.

While at Princeton, he became more intellectual, reading widely, became engaged in debate and he edited the college newspaper.While in College, he published an essay comparing American government with British Parliamentary system.Fours years later he graduated from Princeton and soon began studying law at the University of Virginia, with great expectations that would lead him to his political dream.

Two years of legal practices in Atlanta Georgia disillusioned him, and he quit his law career for graduate in govern…