Thomas Jefferson became the third president of United States Of America which he had other beliefs than other politicians.     On April 13, 1743 Thomas Jefferson was borned in Shadwell, Virginia.

His parents were Jane Randolph and Peter Jefferson who both worked hard for his son to have a better education. His father worked as a possessor and a farmer. His mom was a member in the colony’s oldest and most important family in the colony. Thomas had always liked to be like his father a good man who would work hard for his family.

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He  had learned about growing tobacco, also about running plantation. Thomas Jefferson’s father wanted for his son to have a good education which was his last words before he died. So Thomas Jefferson went to go study at Reverend James Mary. As years past and when Thomas Jefferson was old enough to get in the election for Vice-Presidency he won as the second vice-president. Then few years had past and he won as the third president of United States Of America, but he had other beliefs rather than having the same beliefs of other politicians. Thomas Jefferson education was known as TJEd or also known as “Leadership Education”.

Which means it is a philosophy and methodology of education. It was popular on some alternate educators, that included with private schools, charter schools, and also homeschools. As a keen student Thomas Jefferson was well educated that was a good student who learned Greek and Latin as a boy. At age 14 Thomas Jefferson’s father had died in 1757 because of some bad illness,  leaving Thomas Jefferson as the oldest son, with an inheritance of about 2,500 acres with thirty slaves. (www.                                                                                                                                              Perez 2Thomas Jefferson wanted to accomplish many things before going to college. First he wanted to prepare himself for what he wanted to study and be.

Then he wanted to look up places where he can go study for his preparation of presidency. He also was working on the land that his father had left him with a lot of acres and slaves. His biggest dream was to be the president to make changes for humans rights. Thomas Jefferson would always try to study hard every 5 hours each day before the big day comes of going to college. (www.       Whenever Thomas Jefferson was 16 years old he enrolled himself at the College of William where he studied mathematics, metaphysics, and also philosophy. He had made good friendship with Governor Francis Fauquier, mathematics professor William Small, and a legal scholar named Judge George Wythe who are also important people. In 1762 Thomas Jefferson graduated at age 19.

Under the the administration of Wythe he was granted to the Virginia Bar in 1767. (   In 1768 Thomas Jefferson met a very lovely woman named Martha Skelton who then they started to fall in love of each other.

In 1772 they got married and the lovely couple had six children. They were Martha Jefferson Randolph, Mary Jefferson Wayles, Jane Jefferson, Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson, Elizabeth, and Madison Hemings.In 1777 Martha had gave birth to a abortive son. But unfortunately all their children had died. At age 33, Martha Jefferson died on September 6, 1782.

She had died  after giving birth to Lucy and hey had only been married for ten years.(                                                                                                                                                Perez 3  Right before his wife died in 1775, he was selected as a representative for the Second Continental Congress, and once the American Revolution started he had served as one of the members of the committee for the preparation of the Declaration of Independence of the resolution. Soon after the resolution the draft was being presented to the Congress for one day on July 2, and the draft of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4, 1776.

The draft made Thomas Jefferson even more popular to the country. At the same year he was also appointed into the Virginia House of the Representatives. He soon wanted to make laws for the prominent to come to an end and to initiate freedom of the religion for the state. Also one of the main things that he wanted to do was nominate bills so they can remove the death as penalty crime. (       In 1776 he had failed to enter in the election for the vice-president so he couldn’t make it.

As soon as he found out that the Federalist wanted to pass a Alien and Sedition Act to provoke money through the taxes, his belief was that the Federalist had no right to utilize such power over money and taxes. He wanted to make things right and different than what other politicians wanted to do. Soon after he was gonna be known as one of the Founding Fathers of United States,  he won the votes and election for Vice-President, so he was the second Vice-President of the United States. Many people liked him because of what he did for the human rights and because he was the main principle of the Declaration of Independence(          Thomas Jefferson wanted to run for Presidency in 1800 and he did won the election and votes in 1801. So he became the third President of the United States even though he didn’t ran for his campaign for his party because at that time they didn’t have to an he became the third president of United States in a landslide victory in February 17,1801.

He did all he can for the people to feel safe and happy. (  After years past and  after his life as a president he stayed mobile in the politics of America and he emotionally participated in a organization and in a educational program. His number one main thing was the education. In 1812 the Library of Congress was burned down by the British, all the gigantic collection of Jefferson’s books were moved to a new library that was named after him in honor of him.

On July 4, 1826 Thomas Jefferson had died because of some sickness called Uremia.(