Topic: The Effect of Thomas Paine On The American Revolution The American Revolution was one of the most profound accomplishments in American history, if not world history. One of the largest military forces in the world at the time was defeated by a very small portion of its community in a fight for that portions freedom, and independence. Many Americans played a large role in that struggle, some being military, others being politicians.

Many people look over a third significant group of people that assisted in the Revolution, the political idealists and writers of the time. Two battles were fought during the time of the Revolution, a battle against Great Britain; as well as a battle to gain the assistance of our neighbors. Political writers, such as Thomas Paine, played a very large role in gaining the support needed by the American people. Thomas Paine;s work was one of the greatest written influences on the Revolutionary War. His two most pronounced pieces may have been The Crisis, and Common Sense.

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Although The Crisis did not sell as many copies as Common Sense, it did stir a very large amount of will and the heart to fight amongst those who were able and willing that won this war. The Crisis opens up with the words ;These are the times that try men;s souls.; Of course referring to the time that they were living in, the time of the revolution, it is a very strong opening statement to grab the attention of the readers, and that is exactly what he needed to do. Washington, upon reading it, ordered all of his troops to do so as well, as to stir up emotion, and the drive to succeed that they had known in the beginning years of the war. In the very beginning of the paper he makes reference to the ;summer soldier; and the ;sunshine patriot.

; Both of these titles are referring to the same peoples; those who fight only when it looks as though they are wining, and those who will only show thei…