The outspoken Thomas Paine was born on January 29, 1737.

He was a corset maker, an exciseman, and a schoolteacher.He printed many pamphlets during his lifetime including his most popular pamphlet Common Sense.Paine was unhappy with the way Britain was treating America before, during, and after the Civil War.In Common Sense, Thomas Paine argues that America should be independent from Britain for social, political, and economic reasons. For social reasons, Paine argues that the colonists will continue to be mistreated if they continue to be connected with Britain.He states that the colonies only relate to each other through Britain, this creates enemies with France and Spain.

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If America were not connected to Britain, the people of Spain and France would have helped America fight against Britain.The colonists left Britain because of the government, and that same government rules them while they lived in America.Not even one third of the inhabitants of America were English, therefore America should not be under British rule.Britain should not have been called the parent or mother country because it was false, selfish, narrow, and ungenerous.Dependence on Britain leads America into European wars and quarrels and set variance with nations who would otherwise seek America;s friendship.America should be employed, but it cannot be while under British rule and it causes America misfortune. Paine has many political reasons for America to disconnect itself from Britain.

He believes that Britain does not protect America from America;s enemies, but protects Britain from their own enemies on their own accounts, in order to gain more money.He says how inconvenient it is to be ruled by a power that is so far from America.For example, they have to wait months to a response from Britain, and then months more for an explanation from Britain.Paine thinks that Britain is ignorant to America, and if Britain cannot …