Common Sense was a good book.

It was short, sweet and to the point.The main idea that Thomas Paine was trying to get across was that the United States needs to break ties with the British monarchy and that the United States need to form there own kind of republican style government.In the beginning of "Common Sense Paine argues about the main goals of government.The way Paine does this is by comparing the new American style of government with the style of the British government (Paine 27).In a section called "Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession", Paine tried to list all of the disadvantages of a monarchy system and the hereditary succession as a habit in British politics.

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Paine also writes about how it wasn't just war right away the colonists used two other measures to try and reconcile with the British and they were prayer and petition (Paine 23). The book Common Sense would definitely help someone understand the time of the colonizing of America.There are different sections of the book.In thefirst section it tells how there were different goals of government.In the second part of the book it talks about all of the events and governmental plans.The main question for the second section is do the colonists reconcile or fight the British.Basically, in the second part of the book the reader would get a history lesson on how the decision to fight or reconcile even occurred.

Common Sense is a good book for a class to read if the teacher wants the students to learn more in depth about how the colonies established independence from Britain. I really believe that Common Sense by Thomas Paine doesn't need the book improved.Everything he talks about is pretty accurate.

From the colonies declaring independence to how the colonies should structure their government, the book is very well written. …