1.How did Thomas Nast help to bring about Boss Tweed's downfall? Thomas Nast is highly regarded for putting forth detailed political cartoons, depicting Boss Tweed, which later on led to his downfall.He sought to bring out the corruption that was occurring behind closed doors and showed the flaws within millionaires such as Boss Tweed.

The immigrants and less educated were unable to read and by depicting corruption through pictures Boss Tweed could not keep them from learning what was going on.People started to question Tweed's dealings and accosted him about his corruption because of depictions Nast had portrayed.Those realizing his scheming ways began to stop their dealings and affiliations which caused a big loss of investment for Tweed.

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Furthermore, his hatred of injustice and the corrupt dealings allowed him to decline the $500,000 offered by Tweed to stop publishing slanderous caricatures of him.By declining the money, Nast continued on his cartoon assault and only helped others realize the behind the scenes occurrences operating near New York's Tammany Hall that led to Tweed's political defeat and conviction. 2.

What lasting symbols did Nast leave to modern America? Many lasting symbols were left to modern America by Thomas Nast.Nast created the Republican and Democratic symbols of the elephant and donkey.Also, he gave us the living portrait of what we see now as Santa Claus with the big belly and red nose.

He gave us a portrait of government being seen as a form of entertainment through their foolish actions.Besides the fact of checks and balances, people like Thomas Nast would continue in his footsteps, exposing corruption and getting in-depth analysis of behind the scenes dealings.Today, the symbols still stand and news investigators still dig for truth and exploit the guilty. 3.

Testing Conclusions – An old Chinese saying holds that "A picture is worth a tho…