It was a great joy of mine to live during the times of Thomas Jefferson.Having not ever met Mr. Jefferson was the one thing that I will forever regret.

It was twenty-seven years ago in 1800 that Thomas Jefferson became President of this splendid land.1 It is still fictitious in my mind to think that Mr. Jefferson passed away seven months ago.My life through the years of Thomas Jefferson;s Presidency consisted of days of learning, days of triumph, days of glory. Thomas Jefferson gained respect in my heart long before the controversial election of 1800.The Bill of Rights is the most powerful document in the world today.

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With it, we the citizens of the United States have several inalienable rights that cannot be taken from us.One must pray that future generations are able to hold on to these rights.Even before the Bill of Rights was created, Thomas Jefferson was hard at work with fellow countrymen drafting a Declaration of Independence.2 A gut feeling reveals to me that this document will be sacred in the lives of people in decades and centuries to come. Looking back on the year 1800 brings memories that will most likely never be forgotten in the future.For thefirst time in our short history, there was a tie in the Electoral College vote.

The Federalist candidate Aaron Burr and Mr. Jefferson each had 73 electoral votes.When it was decided that Mr. Jefferson would hold the office of President, he reached out to the Federalists and agreed to put partisanship aside.3 On the 4th of March, 1801, Mr. Jefferson was inducted into office.

The crowd of strangers who had thronged the city during the previous period of agitation had disappeared on the understanding that it was the pleasure of the President to be made the subject of no homage or ceremony. The city of Washington had been occupied as the seat of government but a few months only; the number of its inhabitants at this time did not exceed that of a small vi…