Thomas Jefferson was a president the 3rd in fact. He was a man who was against slavery but owned slave plantations. Before all this he was an inventor.Thomas Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase, wrote the Declaration of Independence, and was president who was against slavery. The time Jefferson was president of the United States of America there was only 15 states. The United States of America was east of the Mississippi River. The Northwest Territory was a large unorganized territory located near the Great Lakes, which made up the rest of the country.

The Louisiana Territory was located to the west. This territory was owned by European powers, but atfirst the French owed it. For a while there was confusion on who owned it because France sold it to Spain than there was a rumor that said Spain sold it back to France. The Americans wanted to know who owned it because that land was needed for crops, markets, homes, and to give room for America to expand. Jefferson discussed this with his advisors. Jefferson appointed Robert Livingston as the new minister to France. Jefferson requested that Livingston find out the truth about the land and told him not to trust Napoleon. December 3, 1801 Livingston arrived in France and reported France owned the Louisiana territory but Spain still owned the Florida areas.

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By October 18, 1802 Americans could no longer deposit goods in the port of New Orleans. Due to this Jefferson sent a man named James Monroe to insure Americans rights to free passage down the Mississippi and the right to deposit produce in the new Orleans. He was also told to buy the port itself and all the nearby lands. Napoleon was considering selling the Louisiana Territory to the Americans but the Americans could not afford his price.

Napoleon decided to sell it to the Americans under one condition they could NOT have New Orleans and the small patch around it.He did this so …