Thomas Edison was born February 11, 1847 in Ohio.

He moved to Michigan at age 7 and went to school there.One teacher thought he was very dumb because he asked too many questions and never understood anything.He did home school and tried other public schools but never did too well. At age 12 he was selling candy and newspapers at a train station.Thomas Edison started off right away on the right path. That path is to get things done quickly and go full force at them. Edison owns 1,093 US patents.

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Which pretty states that he was introduced 1,093 things that nobody else has thought of, inventions.Hisfirst recognition for a US patent was an Electrographic Vote Recorder.That was considered hisfirst invention with many more to come.Many people know Edison by the light bulb.

Many people also know Edison by the fact that he may not have invented all the things he has been credited for. He has worked mostly with electronics and things of that nature. Edison started a factory in 1876 in Menlo Park, New Jersey and promised a new major invention every six months. He had 400 patents go a year at one time.He didn't just invent things all together, he also fixed them.He fixed the telephone so people wouldn't have to shout in it so the other party could hear them.In 1876, Edison started the Edison Electric Light Company, which is now known as General Electric.

Edison was on a roll constantly; he was always coming up with new ideas and always s trying to test them out.Something's he only fixed up but most of the things he fixed up wouldn't be the way they are today if it was wasn't for Edison.People consider Edison for doing just that.In 1877, Edison accidentally invented the phonograph; Patent number 200521.

Edison spent day and night trying to come up with new things to help the public out. Most of the time he came up with many things at once and wrot…