You get in your car on a Saturday night.You turn on the light in your car so that you can read the directions to the movie theater.Once you find out where to go you enter the theater and watch a movie.Following the movie, you get into your car and listen to your favorite album as you leave the theater.Now imagine a world without these things, and many more too.

This is a world without Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all time.Thomas Edison was the man who brought light to the shadows.He was the man that made pictures move and talk.He was the man that brought music all over the world.

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He was the man that made the impossible possible.He was the man that made dreams realities. Thomas Edison was always a bright individual.He received his education from his mother until the age of twelve and exhibited extremely innovative behavior at a very young age.This innovative behavior led Thomas Edison to become one of the true geniuses of our time and it was apparent even in his young teens that Edison would change the world forever.The true marvel of Thomas Edison’s brilliance was his keen understanding of complex mathematics and science, despite the fact that he stopped his schooling at the age of twelve.Despite this, Edison had a keen understanding of calculus and physics.

Ask yourself this, what kind of math were you doing in sixth grade?However, his understanding of complex subjects such as these came second to his incredibly innovative mind.Edison is quoted saying, “I never pick up an item without thinking of how I might improve it.” However, it takes a lot more then an idea to be a great inventor like Thomas Edison.No matter how smart a person may be, it means nothing without the perseverance and determination to meet their full potential.Edison is a shining example of this, no one worked as hard to reach their goals as Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison was born into a life or hardships. …