This report will detail ‘TeleBall’ anArduino programmed to play the classic Atari game ‘Breakout’. The device alsofeatures a multiplayer game by utilizing a radio component, named ‘Tennis forTwo’. The device also utilizes ‘paddle’ component as its main controller.

Project DescriptionThe TeleBall is a fullycustom-made Arduino based handheld game console, created by 3 makers who go bythe screennames ‘sy2002’, ‘doubleflash’, and ‘lamags’. It was designed,developed, and released in 2015 as an Open-Source/Hardware project. The deviceallows a single user to play the Atari classic ‘Breakout’ game.

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Additionally,players can opt to play ‘Tennis for Two’ using the multiplayer mode – whichallows two devices to communicate via radio. The device features an 8×8 LEDmatrix, a paddle as a control and a button. These simple controls limit therange of playable games but allows the device to provide players with anauthentic retro gaming experience.      Project Design GoalsThe device is amulti-disciplinary DIY project created by the developers to test their 3Dmodelling, electronics and software development skills. Project Components   NAME DESCRIPTION WHERE TO BUY? Case Device’s case and lid 3D print, following specifications listed on the project website.

PCB Custom printed circuit board Manufactured to meet the specifications stated on website. Arduino Any compatible Arduino device Arduino website, or eBay/Amazon KWM- R30881CBB 30x30mm blue 8×8 LED matrix display. Adafruit store part #1817 IC1 Display driver of TeleBall Standard /Farenell 2516083 SV1 Wireless transceiver for Arduino on breakout board Ebay search: NRF24L01+ Arduino. IC2 VREG3 Voltage regulator Standard/Farnell 2342845 LED1,LED2,LED3 5mm round LED lamps Standard/Farnell 2112111 SCHLATER Switch with right angle pins, used for on/off Standard/Farnell 1608081 Button Reverse logic button Amazon, eBay LS 0.25W speaker Adafruit Part#1891 POTI Linear mono potentiometer Monacor UK VRB-141M10 C1,C2,C3,C4 Capacitor packages Standard/Farnell 197270, 644160 R2,R5,R6,R7 Resistor packages Standard / Farnell 1887306 KNOB Black aluminium rotary knob eBay audio knobs BATTERY CLIP 4xKeystone BK5201 battery clips Amazon / eBay Key Component: Rotary KnobThe rotary knob is thedevice’s main component used for controlling the game play. Rotary knobs, alsoreferred to as ‘shaft controllers’, are used to precisely measure the rotationsand angular position of the motors. Many rotary devices also have a pushbuttonwhen the axis is pressed down, allowing them to be used as analog sticks.

Theyare also used to create wheel controllers, that can be turned an infinite amountof times. A potentiometer was utilized in the making of this device, meaning itcan only be rotated a set amount of times before an end stop. Rotary encodershave a set amount of ‘steps’ or detents per rotation, that define the minimum amountof rotation it takes for the component to register any change.ApplicationsThe rotary knob can be used for several applications.

Itcan be used as a push on/off switch, for menu navigation and gameplay controls.It is highly effective for these purposes due to it’s simplicity. The controlsare minimalistic and easy to learn, helping to increase the learnability of thedevice and its controls. Even the most inexperienced user could quickly learn howto play on the TeleBall device.  Considerations for UseAlthough there are many advantages to using rotary encoders,one major issue is the encoder signals. The contact noise between the circuitscauses noises when the device is in use. The noise can be filtered out throughthe use of software or using additional filtering circuits. Another issue usersencounter with this component is the sensitivity.

This issue can be solved byexperimenting with rotaries with different amounts of detents. Rotary encodersare cheap and can be purchased from many online retailers. ConclusionThe TeleBall device is an Arduino projectinspired by retro games, created to test the authors skills.

It is perfect as aweekend project, making use of numerous Arduino components used in conjunctionto allow the user to easily learn and enjoy the system. This report has detailedthe purpose of the device, components used, and described the details o themain control component. The conclusion can be drawn that Arduino devices can beused in a vast array of projects, and the numerous compatible components only enhanceit’s capabilities. Figure 2: In this image, the cats are tesselated to save space. You, too, can save space by placing images in the sidebar.

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