A proud nation of people who thrived on North American land through agriculture and unity, a people that fought for their independence and freedoms from invading tyrannical powers.

The tax ridden and repressed colonists-no, but instead the Cherokee Nation of the Southern Appalachian Mountains area.The Cherokee (known by themselves as the Aniyunwiya or Tsalagi) were accomplished agriculturalists and were a thriving settlement when Desoto's expedition discovered them in the 1540s.After the arrival of the white man, there was constant treachery and war.Trade was the main form of contact between settlers and Cherokees between 1500s and the middle of the 17th century.Though increasing population of European settlers on Cherokee territory would lead to many battles fought on that front, and eventually would lead to the infamous trail of tears. The warring era of the Cherokee did not begin with European settlement, for there were many battles between different tribes.

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When the white man arrived war was under different circumstances, and there was a lot of betrayal and backstabbing.In 1680 the Cherokee found themselves in quite a predicament with heat coming from all angles:To the east was the Catawba, to the south the Creek and Choctaw, to the west the Chickasaw, and to the north was the Beaver Wars between the French, Dutch, and English.During the Beaver Wars, the Iroquois Nation was under conquest.Also during this time European weaponry was a hot item for trade and soon the Cherokee were fortified with firearms.The Cherokee would soon ally with the British in order to establish a strong trade route.

Then in 1692, the Shawnee betrayed Cherokee hospitalitywhen they raided a major Cherokee Village in order to capture Indian slaves to trade to the British.Soon the British realized that allowing their allies to fight amongst each other was not in their best interests.In the year of 1706, arrangement of a tr…