This invention deals with providing convenience to allkinds of four wheeler users by terminating misleading while refueling thevehicle by displaying the exact amount of fuel entering into fuel tank whilerefueling. More importantly this system is simple in construction and solvesthe problem of misleading in effective manner.

In conventional system exactamount of fuel entering in the fuel tank cannot be calculated and displayed. Inconventional system analog meter shows the level of fuel present in the tank,but there is no such system to show exact amount of fuel entering into the tankwhile refueling. This invention solves this problem efficiently by using combinationof incremental encoder and Analog dial already present in the vehicle. Theoutput of incremental encoder is given to Arduino/Microcontroller and with thehelp of Arduino/Microcontroller and incremental encoder the exact amount offuel entering in the fuel tank is calculated and displayed on LCD screen ofvehicle using Arduino/Microcontroller. The objective of this invention isproviding convenience to all kinds of four wheeler users by terminatingmisleading while refuelling the vehicle by displaying the exact amount of fuelentering into fuel tank while refuelling. This invention also indicates theuser exact amount of fuel available in the fuel tank of the vehicle.

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