This chapter starts with a brief introduction to the companyDieffenbacher. Following is a discussion about relevant processes, technologiesand functions from Business Unit Composites to understand the role of roboticautomation in a fully automated press line.2.1 The Company DieffenbacherDieffenbacher is an internationally active group ofcompanies with over 1700 associates and 16 production sites and sales officesworldwide.

The company specializes in the mechanical engineering and plantconstruction sector and is one of the leading manufacturers of press systemsand complete production systems for the wood, automobile, and supplierindustries. As an independent fifth generation family owned company, they havestood for continuity, tradition and reliability for over 140 years. About 70%of all products are exported internationally and the worldwide service and salesnetwork guarantees every customer the fastest possible support 3.The company can be divided into three main business units:1.

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    Wood-based panels2.     Composites3.    Recycling Figure 1 Business UnitComposites of Dieffenbacher 4The wood division is the largest business unit which offerscomplete production lines for the production of particleboard MDF, OSB and LVLpanels as well as fiber insulation panels and molded door leaves. The customersof this business area are predominantly found in the woodworking, furniture,construction and energy industries 4.

The composites division is involved in processes, pressesand fully automated production lines developed and realized for the productionof light weight fiber reinforced plastic components. Most of the customers arefrom the automotive and supplier industry 4.The recycling division focuses on development of completerecycling plants for treatment of different waste materials through mechanicaland biological means for the extraction of secondary raw materials or energy 4.2.

2 Press TechnologyThe composites division specializes in the development ofpress systems available in standard and high-accuracy variants with or without activeservo-controlled parallel motion systems. The presses are designed by keepingin mind the requirements of the plastic and composite forming industry.Depending on customer requirements, Dieffenbacher is able to supply suitablepress systems with process-oriented controls 4. Figure 2 Dieffenbacher PressTypes 4There are currently three different press types:1.    Dieffenbacher Compress Lite (DCL)The DCL press type is available in an upstroke andshort-stroke design with a low overall height and an energy-saving drive.

Thebevel deflection line provides an even bend progression of the upper and lowerdie. The high-precision parallel motion behavior ensures a consistent componentthickness and increases the quality of the components. The Lite concept providesexceptional flexibility and rapidness in die changing due to its 4-sidedaccessible design.