The Ibo Society reveals its own sunderings into privileged and marginalized colonial groups by basically three factors. Thefirst two factors the people of the Ibo have no control over.Women have basically no rights in this society, and are collected as cattle by men, who have multiple wives, but women who are able to bare more children are held with greater esteem then those who cannot.The “First” wife is basically the leader of the wives within a family.Thefirst wife is either the favorite wife or thefirst one married to the husband.

Women are sold at a young age by their fathers for sticks in the Ibo Society.The more attractive the woman the more sticks she is worth. The Second factor has to do with age.

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Old men are held in great esteem.This is not to say that younger men cannot be held in the same esteem as old men.If a younger man can prove his worth on the field of battle then he will be held in the same esteem as the older wiser men.

The third factor is the one that all men have control over. The harder the worker, and this goes for anything, the more respected that man is.Okonkwo’s father was lazy and accumulated much debt during his life, which he never paid off. He was never given a title, which is a major accomplishment in the society.Every time a man receives another level of achievement in his life he is given another title.The higher the title the more privileges that man will receive.

The Ibo follow very strict laws that many of the surrounding clans do not follow as strictly. I think that the strict way the Ibo follow these laws that they follow so sacred is foreshadowing what will be their demise for the fact that they will not be able to adapt when the white man (which many have never seen) comes..