The sinking of the Titanic was a catastrophic event that could have been easily prevented with a little attention to detail.For instance, a couple of things were ignored.Ice warnings were one of them as well as the distress rockets fired from the Titanic.The rockets were ignorantly disregarded by the Californian.Another factor working against the vitality of the ship was the ideology of an unsinkable object. In the time period in which the Titanic sailed, a new technology called wireless was still an erratic novelty.

Wireless was the basic tool used between ships and other vessels to communicate.With this being the new technology of the day, people were fascinated with how it worked.They would often bribe wireless operators to send messages to relatives or friends on other ships.The operators were more than willing to receive these bribes and send the messages without a second thought. On April 14, 1912 wireless operator John George Phillips had been getting requests to send personal messages all day.Due to the inadequacy of the wireless, messages often had to be resent or repeated.Operators frequently were frustrated and this was exactly the case on the Titanic.Phillips was so overwhelmed with personal messages that he apparently didn't have time to receive any warnings about the potentially fatal icebergs.

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When the Californian sent her sixth iceberg sighting to the Titanic, Phillips responded, "Shut up, shut up.I am making Cape Race" (Lord 29).If Phillips would have taken these warnings a little more seriously, the Titanic might have had a fighting chance at missing these foreordained icebergs. Flares and rockets usually signify danger or distress.They were a signal of just that during the sinking of the Titanic.A total of 8 rockets were fired into the sky that fateful night. Each one instilled a new hope in people when they saw these beautiful fireworks.

However, when the Ca…