These two time periods were the most important and effective in U.

S history, they played important roles in shaping America in, politics, society, and the economy. Both time periods similar in some ways but different in the ways they molded America, the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era. Although they had their similarities the major differences between these two eras were their focuses and or “priorities”. The Gilded Ages main focus was on building Americas Economy, it was named the “Gilded” Age because although polished from the outside underneath wasn’t all that well mainly corruption and problems in industrialization. Meanwhile the Progressive Era was focused on improving America on a constitutional level, focusing on more the political and society problems there was. Eliminating all the problems having to do with corruption, urbanization, immigration, and industrialization.

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Both being very developmental time periods in U.S history, just in their own ways.As said before economy in the Gilded Age was a big concern, it was a time period of industrialization and new inventions.

Factories were introduced and it was great because many jobs were offered when open, but not all was fair. The government was so caught up in the success of the economy they forgot the bigger picture, the rights of the citizens. Resulting in many problems concerning work wages, unfair hours, and abuse to workers. The Progressive Eras main focus was on correcting these problems due to the massive industrialization that occurred. Resulting in laws bring created and passed that resolved these issues tremendously, this is why it was believed that the Progressive Era was more “transformational”. Although both these time periods are significant for making major developments in the U.

S and our America today.The Gilded Age was the time period when the U.S shifted into urbanization, a more industrial society.

This is when many problems in the society began to grow such as, poverty, pollution, and poor living tenements, industrialization being the leading cause to these problems. In the Progressive Era social reforms began by the citizens in order for gradual change to be made to the problems happening in their society. Muckrakers were introduced in this time period, which were journalist that wrote about these problems caused by previous decision made, so attention could be brought and change could be made. Although in both eras woman’s suffrage was something that was being fought for. Woman’s suffrage began in the Gilded Age and was later pursued and fought for in the Progressive Era, a similarity being the thought and want of equality in both time periods.The biggest similarity in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era was corruption in the government, which is the dishonesty and or conduct of a person with authority on a government platform.

Although more so in the Gilded Age corruption was being done while the Progressive Era worked towards recovering and solving the problem. Some of the corruption going on during these time periods was “Political Machines” and the “Spoils System”, resulting in the rise of labor strikes. Political Reform was than aimed towards solving the problems with corruption that was more so focused on in the Progressive Era. They more so enforced the laws that were fair towards the people of the society and try to get rid of the unfair ones that were made during the Gilded Age.These two eras were very efficient and important times in U.S history regardless of the good and bad, it was all needed to be able to shape America to how it is today.

After these periods America fell into the beginning of another war as well as the cold war. I believe corruption will certainly be something that will come up in the future once again. Although efforts to eliminate it were always proven, getting rid of it entirely was never accomplished. As well as it being such a big problem I believe we’ll never reach the end of corruption.