The colonists held a Second Continental Congress. They named George Washington the leader of the Continental Army. The colonists tried to make peace with the British but the British wanted to fight. The Second Continental Congress made a document up to tell the British that the colonists wanted freedom. This letter was called the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration stated things like all people are equal and that they have a right to choose who their politicians are. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed and OK'ed. British advantages: They were a trained army, they hired German mercenaries, good leadership, and lots of money.

British disadvantages: Their supplies had to be shipped from Britain, and they weren’t very familiar with the land they were fighting on. American advantages: They knew the terrain, they had supplies close by. American disadvantages: They were not a trained army, they didn’t have much cash.

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Thefirst battles were in Boston. The British won the battle in Bunker Hill. Victories went back and forth. Then the British started winning. The American army got pushed back to Pennsylvania. Washington took his troops and crossed the Delaware river (1776). He made a surprise attack on Xmas night. They kicked British ass.

The British tried to attack NY. They got beaten to a pulp in Saratoga. This was an important battle for the American army. Then the French started helping out the Americans.

The French hated the British (Nowadays, the French hate EVERYONE) America ran out of cash and had to borrow from other countries George Washington was a good leader and kept the troops together during the crappy winter. They were stationed at Valley Forge. It was cold as hell.

Then Britain and America took the fighting out to sea. The British had a real kick ass navy. America had a crappy navy, but they still messed up some British cargo ships ruining the..