There were many great battles in World War 2 but the Battle of Britain was one of the most interesting and one that was important to our history.

 World War 2 started 1 September 1939 – 2 September 1945, it lasted 6 years and one day. The prime minister during World War 2 and also during the the Battle of Britain was Winston Churchill.  The Second world war was the most bloodiest and widespread. It was one of the most deadliest war in history.

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 Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany at the time of the War, his goal as a leader was to have control of everything. During World War 2 many countries were involved including the Axis powers which were Nazi Germany, Italy, Japan, and also the war included the Allied powers which was the United Kingdom, the United States, the Soviet Union and China, these countries were known as the “Big Four”.  There were many different battles during the war that involved different countries but the Battle of Britain was a battle only between Germany and Britain. There were many different inventions that were introduced during World war 2 but one that sticks out in my mind is the invention of the Radar. The battle included one of the earliest uses of radar in combat. The Radar was a big impact on the Battle of britain to help them win the Battle against Germany.

The Battle of Britain was a crucial battle for britain to win because it was one of the last chances to defend Europe. Germany’s military forces had already conquered most of western Europe in less than two months. Hitler tried to convince Britain to surrender without a fight but britain wasn’t interested This Battle was a crucial win for Britain.  The Battle was from 10 July to the 31 of October 1940. It was the first battle in history waged almost exclusively in the air, the branches that were used by each countries was the RAF or Royal Air Force from Britain and the German Air force from germany. These branches was the main ones used to fight in the Battle of Britain. In August 1940, the German air force, the Luftwaffe, led by a German man named Goering, second in command next to Hitler, began to attack Britain’s Royal Air Force bases.

The Luftwaffe was the aerial warfare branch of the combined German Wehrmacht military forces during World War II. The German Air Force had  3,000 long range bombing planes against only 600 planes that were made up of Americans, the British and France. These 600 planes where smaller planes that are called spitfires.  The Royal Air Forces squadrons included many foreign fighter pilots. Although the Germans outnumbered the British the British had a secret weapon which was the radar, even it appeared that germany had the advantage in number of planes, pilots and experience the two air forces were in fact, evenly matched.  The invasion of Britain would only be possible if German had control of the air.

 The British had radar stations up and down england’s coast which helped them by giving the british a warning of approaching planes and helped the Royal Air Force intercept them. The main German planes that were used during the battle was the Messerschmitt Bf 109 and the Messerschmitt Bf110. Göring, commander of the Luftwaffe was confident of success. Hermann Wilhelm Göring was a German political and military leader as well as one of the most powerful figures in the Nazi Party. After Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 Goering was named as Minister in the new government. The reason that the Battle of Britain happened was because Hitler, the leader of Germany believed that Britain had to be defeated before he could turn his attention to the USSR and so in the invasion of Britain codenamed Operation Sealion.

There were two German armies which totalled nearly 100,000 men that would be transported across the English Channel to try to gain territory in britain. However this crossing could be blocked by the Royal Navy, which was protected and defended by the RAF. This is when the radars came in and played a big role to the british. The Luftwaffe, which was the Germans army had to eliminate the RAF in order to bomb the Royal Navy blockade. The two sides fought each other in a series of “dog fights” which became known as the Battle of Britain. Around 1000 British planes were shot down and over 1800 German planes were destroyed. Chief Goring on august 2 issued “Eagle Day” which was a plan of attack where they would use few massive blows from the air to destroy British air power.

The Radar that helped Britain win the Battle of Britain was invented by Robert Watson-Watt. Great Britain and the United States install radar aboard fighter planes, giving them an advantage in plane-to-plane combat as well as air-to-ground attacks.   Pulse radar works like an echo. The transmitter will send out short bursts of radio waves. It then shuts off, and the receiver listens for the echoes. Echoes from pulse radar can tell the distance and direction of the object creating the echo. The Radar stations up and down england’s coast was a big target to the germans to get through to britain.

 The British developed an air defence network that would give them an advantage in the Battle of Britain. The name of the Dowding System, it was named for Fighter Command’s Commander-in-Chief Sir Hugh Dowding. The defense system brought together technology, ground defences and fighter aircraft into a system of defence.Many people may believe that the Radar wasn’t the main thing that one the Battle of Britain but in fact it played a huge role, without it the Battle could have turned out a different way. But there were more things that affected the battle like the British fought with an advantage because of the superior equipment and undivided aim. The strategy that the British used affected the outcome of the Battle because british fighters appeared in large numbers and shot down many of the Germans. The Battle was a big turning point in the War.

The British had the skill and training to fight off the germans.After British fighters shot down so many Germans, Hitler permanently postponed a landing on the british Isles and suspended the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain saved numerous countries from the rule of Nazi Germany. It was a big Battle in the War. The Radar was a crucial thing for Britain’s victory, without the radar the battle could have turned out different.