Thereare many challenges America is facing as of today. Climate change is one of themajor challenges this point in time and adds considerable stress to oursocieties as well as to the environment. From melting of the ice caps, risingsea levels that can increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, and shiftingweather patterns. As of today, Climate change is becoming more and moreimportant to today and the future.Tobegin, the vast expanse of the Arctic is melting as we speak.

The Arctic is aregion that is specifically vulnerable to climate change, where the ice losshas increased sea levels. This is all happening because of global warming. Asstated in the article, “Is Global Warming a Real Danger”, “Global warming isthe when CO2 and other air pollutants and other greenhouse gases collect in theatmosphere and absorb sunlight and radiation that have bounced off the earth’ssurface.” The United States is known for burning of fossil fuels to makeelectricity is the largest source of heat-trapping pollution, which produces abouttwo billion tons of CO2 every year. By far, the worst polluters are the coal-burning power plants. Our countries second-largest source of carbon pollutionis the transportation sector, which generates approximately 1.7 billion tons ofcarbon dioxide emissions a year. As global warming increases slowly by thesimplest of machines that include cars, buses, and ships, which pollute the airwith excess carbon.

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Also,with global warming affecting our planet, it is also majorly raising the riskof catastrophic flooding. While the ice caps in the Arctic are melting, it isincreasing ocean water. As said earlier, global warming traps heat. This makesthe earth way hotter than it should be. This increases the ocean’s water andcan potentially create catastrophic flooding that can wipe away parts of theworld such as the state of Florida. The impacts of global warming are beingfelt all across the globe including America.

Many extreme heat waves havecaused tens of thousands of deaths around the world annually. With an alarmingsign of events to come, Antarctica has been losing around 134 billion metrictons of ice per year since 2002. At this rate, global warming will have atremendous impact on our lives, so we need to take action as of now. Finally,shifting weather patterns is becoming more and more common nowadays. Theearth’s rising temperatures are fueling longer and hotter heat waves, morefrequent droughts, heavier rainfall, and more powerful hurricanes, as said inthe article, “Hurricanes& Storms: Effects of Irreversible Climate Change” by San Shwe Aung.This may sound like a stretch, but this is becoming the biggest issue we, Americahave been facing as of today. For example, China.

China is by far the worstcountry in terms of pollution. The air is so polluted, that many citizens wearmasks to cover their face in order to prevent viruses from being inhaled. Thisis why we need to take precautions before it reaches that point.Toconclude, there are many challenges America is facing. Climate change is amajor challenge that we need to take precautions for. Without taking precautions,the earth can continue to increase in melting ice caps, rising sea levels, andshifting weather patterns. Fixing this issue will be a tremendous boost intoour quality of life, as well as the quality of our air.