There are several URLs shortening services or shorteners urls as to the most famous/ essential,,, short.

ie. Some services are offered by big web players like Google with and some microblogging sites like Twitter with twurl / tweetburner. The purpose of this article is not to list all url shortener services but to try to understand if there are SEO benefits from their use. I will nevertheless make a small benchmark of the main urls shorteners existing based on seven criteria.Urls shortener: What benefit of SEO?While looking on the web for examples of successful implementation of this url shortening service, I realized that all the interest of the service is either marketing or usual but brings no benefit regarding pure SEO optimizations.

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I draw some conclusions:1. the primary purpose of using the url shortener is no SEO since the links, so users do not pass any credit to the landing page.2. There is a question of service reliability that could wreak havoc on community sites and social networks if these shortening services break down.

All links would become ‘dead links’ thus preventing/killing all the information sharing on the networks.3. From usability or user experience perspective, the use of these services is still beneficial since it is always easier to find/share a short link than a full connection. This is especially true since some microblogging services like Twitter limit the number of characters in your message to 140.4. From an SEO point of view, there is no direct benefit since the links redirect to 301/302 or javascript (for some urls shorteners like urlenco.

de ) to the choice of landing pages.The best practice is to use a permanent redirect 301, but this may not transmit all credit to the landing page. So there is no point in preferring this type of service (from an SEO point of view) to an excellent hard link which, meanwhile, will transmit all the popularity and also allow incidentally to make known / recognize the brand since we clearly see the domain name (in the case of microblogging or social networks).Benchmark of 3 shortener urls services (url shorteners):He has dozens of url shortening services, and he is born one every day ..

. how to choose one for use in your daily microblogging? To answer this question, here is a small benchmark from Danny Sullivan’s article: URL Shorteners: Which Shortening Service Should You Use? Here it compares 15 shortening services and is based on seven criteria, namely:1. the type of HTTP redirection (301-final or 302-temporary),2. the possibility to track urls (for statistical purposes for example),3. the base length of the url (HTTP: //xxx.yy/),4.

the length of the variable part (the identifier),5. the ability to customize6. the ability to share the url7. the total length of the url.