There are seminal moments and defining moments in life. And when they occur life is defined by them – what life was before that moment, what life was after that moment.When I think of good mental health, I think of being able to look at myself in the mirror every day and say I’m proud of whom I am. I’m happy in my skin and I’m positive about who I am and what I say and do.

How easy do you think it is to be happy? Can we simply choose to be happy? What happens when big life events happen? These events could be being bullied or someone you love being sick or a loss of a loved oneSo what are some things that can go wrong with mental health? Imagine waking up every day feeling like you can’t live with yourself. Picture having no motivation or interest in anything. This is the reality for too many. It has been about five months since the last time I harmed myself deliberately and it feels like years and yesterday all at once. I used to be in such a difficult place where all I saw changed into darkness and heartache.

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I became this kind of suitable actor after moving to a small town. To this day, most people have no idea the way I used to feel and the way I sometimes still do feel. How is it possible to stay afloat on this sea they call life when a majority of these human beings continuously try and make you sink and get lost in the storm? There are so many icebergs that try and get in your way… they are cold and hard with sharp points that attempt to harm you and damage you until you find the one and only sun who loves you and helps soften the icebergs. You tend to always find those people who push and throw you over board into the sea due to them feeling insecure about themselves, jealousy, hatred and because you are missing something in front of their eyes… there’s always something missing.If you focus on that piece of you that is missing more than you focus on the parts of yourself you already have, your ship will sway… and most likely hit that iceberg. How a great of harm your ship received is how you handle the wreck, if you handle it by yourself the damage gets worse, but if you hand it over to that sun, which to me is God, it is able to restore it.

He loves when we go to Him and he takes us no matter how damaged we are. We need to wake up and notice people around us and notice how they are feeling, instead of just walking right beside them.