Born in the United States one is given the privilege of being a U.S.

citizen, but why holds on to the power if we don't even exercise it; the power to vote, the power of speech, and the power of choice.According to Emerson we don't trust ourselves enough to make our own decisions.Instead we resort to books, media, and peers to have them make the so called "right" decision.And because of this we are not nearly the citizens that we are meant to be.

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To be a complete citizen, we are called upon to make our own decision and be brave enough to speak what is on our mind, a statement that Emerson constantly strikes us with in his Self-Reliance essay.Citizens have the right to vote, but why sit and listen to all the long political speeches that are made up of half truths, and false promises.Instead why won't take a stand, question the leaders' beliefs and make a statement so strong that would have them work for us.

Instead we let them influence us and because of our insecurity they give us the orders and answers. When it is inside us that the answers are held.Citizens also posses the right of speech, something that only a few of us exercise.

Because only those few have access to their "true" thoughts, a complete citizen would speak exactly what is on their mind expressing all their true feelings and not being scared of what others might think.They choose to be an individual and they choose to speak the mind, and by doing so they exercise both their rights of speech and the rights of choice. Thoreau on the other hand talks more about the government and that a citizen not be a no government man, but instead want and be a better government man.Thoreau's states must the citizens ever for a moment, or in the least degree, resigning his conscience you to legislator.This is where Emerson and Thoreau's ideas connect because if one does not exercise their right of speech a.