Theodore Roosevelt, vice presidential candidate 1900, campaigned furiously for the Republican Party for which William McKinley was its presidential candidate.

Roosevelt gave speeches in 567 cities, in 24 states, and over 3 million people saw him in person. He was a major factor in keeping McKinley in office for his second term, and the Republican party in power. In September 1901, just a year after McKinley's election as President, he was assassinated. Vice President Roosevelt succeeded him as the twenty-sixth president of the U.S. He was 42 when he entered office making him the youngest ever to hold office ("Theodore"). After three years as Head of the U.

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S. Roosevelt decided to run for a second term and win on his own accord. He chose his words more carefully to try and keep his votes and maybe gain back some voters he might have lost during his term. Most importantly, he placed his people in key party positions and maneuvered Mark Hanna, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, to endorse his candidacy months prior to the 1904 convention. Then he turned to the public, holding press conferences, launching a national tour of western states that lasted for thirty days, and boldly providing (by Executive Order) pensions for all veterans between the ages of sixty-two and sixty-seven ("Theodore").

But he did not actively participate in the campaigning. He more so directed from the porch of his home in Oyster Bay. In the end, he won 57.

4% of the popular vote and 336 of the electoral votes, so his victory was clear. Roosevelt was considered one of thefirst modern Presidents in domestic and foreign policy. At home he worked against greedy private interests while abroad making the U.S.

a world leader. It is curious that Theodore Roosevelt's face is on Mount Rushmore along with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. Washington guided our nation in its beg..