In his editorial American Propaganda,Theantix (the author’s alias) argues that American propaganda “holds more water” than the Taliban’s. He argues that American propaganda should take precedence over any information the Taliban releases. He also states that it should be taken in stride, that Americans should be skeptical of any information that recieve from the Government, US or otherwise. The author explains that propaganda should only be taken as truth if the information is congruent with the government’s actions.

He explains that a government should be judged by it’s actions rather than it’s apparent intentions. Propaganda is a system used by governments to influence a large group of people, usually for political gain. It is distributed through many different venues including advertising, debate, radio, television, and the news. Since governments have such large resources, propaganda can be distributes very effectively.

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Because of this, it is present in many aspects of daily life. Governments use propaganda influence the opinions of a specific group for a specific purpose. Every man has the right to free speech. Since birth Americans have learned it as a dogma.

It is now fundamental to their survival, and as such is regared as absolute truth. The American clerisy haslearned to use “free speech” as a mask for promoting propaganda. They have learned to use propaganda as a weapon,and as such gain influence over others. The author devotes much of his argument to how the two governments use propaganda.

And how that although both The American goverment aswell as the Taliban government are releasing propaganda claiming less than ten civilian lives lost to thousands lost, respectively, each government is releasing information that is most helpful to it’s cause. He explains that in the aphfganistan mind Americans were simply looking for someone to bully, and have found a victim in the Taliban. Furthermore, he also describes th.