So here I was, arriving into the world, at the end of the 70’s, the wildest and craziest decade since the Roaring 20’s. Hairstyles, clothing fashions, music and dance, and just aboutevery other aspect of society was experiencing a liberating and expanding consciousness. It seems I missed all the fun.

Major trends included a growing disullisionment of government, advances in civil rights, increased influence of the women’s movement, a heightened concern for the environment, and increased space exploration. Amid war, social realignment and presidential impeachment proceedings, American culture flourished.Indeed, the events of the times were reflected in and became the inspiraton for much of the music, literature, entertainment, and even fashion. Major National Political Events/IssuesPage 2 There was a lot going on in America in 1979. Jimmy Carter was President, along side him Walter Mondale as Vice-President. The U.S.

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Congress had sizable Democratic majorities in both houses, but still blocked most of the President’s program in one house or the other. During theirfirst session, Congress was an independent, argumentative, and voter-conscious body. They seemed more focused on special-interest lobbies, rather than passing the President’s proposals. Throughout thefirst session, Congress recessed five times over the course of five months, passing less major legislation then any other Congress in the 1970’s. The House of Representatives held a secret session for thefirst time in 149 years that resulted in the approval of a version of the Panama Canal Treaty in September.

The bill went into affect on October 1. The SALT II agreement was signed by President Carter and Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev, limiting strategic weapons. The U.S.

Congress failed to ratify the treaty, but both sides abided by its terms anyhow. On October 17, President Carter signed legislation establishing a new Cabinet-level Department of Education. ..