Being named after one of the greatest rulers of France, Louis Napoleon III had no simple task, but that is not to say he did not handle it with tremendous grace. He fed upon the identical name and used it to his advantage to further promote his reign. Having his up and downs, Louis Napoleon III always seemed to realize giving the people what they wanted would be in his best interest. In 1848 Louis Napoleon III won the French presidential election with the aid of a few key ideas. First, the aforementioned'same name' fact gave the people of France a sense of comfort in that a ruler of their liking was again rising to power. Human nature leads us to this conclusion which, naturally, in certain cases is harmful; however I believe in this case it gave Napoleon the necessary praise he deserved.

Second, Louis Napoleon III eased the fear of the middle-class and peasant property and gave them the compulsory protection from the socialist challenge of the urban workers that was so readily exclaimed by Karl Marx. Third, Napoleon had a program of guidance for himself and France which he composed while incarcerated for an attempted overthrow of Louis Philippe's government. The two pamphlets were named Napoleonic Ideas, and The Elimination of Poverty. Although the three above mentioned principles of Louis Napoleon's campaign of France were vital to his stability, the most important has yet to be revealed.

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He believed in government representing its people and should strive to help them economically. In previous years parliaments and political parties had been the dominant features of the French government but Napoleon believed otherwise thus deeming them impractical. The answer to this new found gap in representation was to have a strong, even authoritarian, national leader, literally in the vein of, Napoleon I. This strong national leader would serve all the people, rich and poor, would be linked to each citizen by direc..