The Way That The World Changed in China During the 19th Century Our group chose China as our topic of explication.Atfirst I was going to present just politics in China, but then decided on politics with a foreign relations twist because it opened up the door for a new dynamic which touches on a wide variety of topics; including, but not limited to politics.It also ties in with other areas, which will be (or have been) presented by fellow team members. I will be discussing the way that the world changed for China due to foreign policy/relations during the 19th century.

I chose this time period because the 1800s was the era in modern history when there was a dramatic shift in Chinese foreign relations from principal isolationism to participation in the larger global, interdependent community (this shift was due primarily to force by other nations, but we will get into that later in my presentation).It is an era in which we see the devastation of the long-established model of China's foreign policy and relations, and the beginning of the breakup of "old" China. Foreign policy as defined by Encarta is: "a consistent course of actions followed by one nation" in its dealings and relations "with another nation or region" 3.

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What determines a state's foreign policy/relations and decision-making? There are many variables that contribute to a state's foreign policy.For our purposes today, in discussing the foreign policy of 19th Century China, I will focus on the following five. I will present a brief background on each variable to help aide your understanding of the atmosphere in China leading into the 19th century: 3.1.1. History – Perception/memory of and sensitivity to (very important) 3.1.3.

Politics/Present political structure (very important) 3.1.4. Current events/relations between policymaking state and other states.

3.1.5. Economics(very important)…