The war of 1812 was fought between the United States of America and Great Britain. It took place mainly in Canada, down the east coast of America to New Orleans (1815) and on the Atlantic sea. It started with the declaration of war by the American President James Madison on the 18th of June 1812. The `Treaty of Ghent` officially ended the war on the 24th of December in 1814; nevertheless the fighting went on, due to a lack of communication, until January 1815.

– Trading Problems, affected by the Napoleonic wars in Europe – Americans, though independent since 1776, still felt underestimated by the world and wanted to show their capacity to defend themselves. – At that point in time, America was a Union of great tensions in terms of domestic affairs. – `Indian Problems` associated with America's extension into the west 2. Main Events during the war – Invasion of Canada3.The consequences of the war -Treaty of Ghent – End offirst American Party System The war of 1812 happened because of several reasons. Thefirst thing to mention here is the impact of the Napoleonic wars in Europe on the American-European Trading behaviour.

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As America's situation as "the world's primary neutral shipper" (Heidler, D.S. et al, 2002; 1), at the beginning of the European wars in 1793, was a rather prosperous one, it turned out to be pretty ambiguous as the war went on later.

Because of not being able to easily defeat the French on land, the British fleet, which dominated the sea, set up a trade embargo by blocking French controlled harbours. Consequently the French tried to threaten any nation wanting to trade with Britain. Even though the French fleet could not compete with the British, they were strong enough to intimidate the Americans whose Navy was almost non-existent. A reason for this was the policy of their former president Thomas J..