The United States of America began to see the effects of Anglo-French War by the early 1800’s.This European quarrel began affecting the United States shipping industry. Britain and France were violating neutral shipping rights of American merchants.They thought of America as weak due to inadequate time the nation had to develop.These violations were thefirst and primary provoking factors that led to war with Britain.There was reason that Britain became the target of US military rather that France.

Britain has influenced Indians around Lake Michigan to resist white settlement.This was one of the primary reasons the English were chosen as our foe.Britain had the Indians do this as an attempt to keep the U.S. border as low as possible – not exceeding the Canadian border. France had made no such attempts to interfere with America; they in fact only had the simple desire to obtain our goods.

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They did with hopes of gaining this territory for their new colony later.Consequently, Britain became the target, and it led to a continuation of The primary cause of the war with Britain was the fact the neutral shipping rights were violated by Britain, and though France had also violated these rights, there were other issues that the British were responsible for.Britain blockaded the United States in such a manner it was no longer possible to export goods by ship.The British were not doing this to harm America’s economy, however it was extremely harmful to the economy of this young country.

Britain was doing this so that France could not import as many goods that would behoove them in the war. France desperately needed various goods that could be imported from the United States and they were willing to pay where America’s economy could have benefited tremendously. Though the fact of the matter is Britain’s enormous, notorious navy would not allow the exporting of America’s go…