In the late 1920's a German dictator and War veteran called Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany.

In his campaign he promised the people of Germany that he would make their country great again.German voters loved Hitler's optimism, all of Europe was caught up in the depression and the German people saw Hitler as a way to escape it.Hitler soon realised that the more he offered the more people supported him, other World powers saw him as simply another dictator promising his people things he couldn't achieve.

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It was not obvious what Hitler's plans were at this stage but if he was planning war from this early on then it is very unlikely that the world powers would have ignored him. When the Nazi party, lead by Hitler rose to become the leaders of Germany one of thefirst things Hitler did was to go against the Treaty of Versailles.In his views and many of the German people the Treaty was totally unfair, the winning powers had made it and they had thrown so many different rules at Germany that there was no possible way Hitler could be a successful leader if he obeyed every one of them.Hitler withdrew Germany from the failing League of Nations and astonishingly from the Geneva disarmament conference that was set up prevent war on a major scale.Although it is easy to interpret Hitler's actions as violent, all he was simply doing was freeing German, from all its loose ties.Hitler's ambition was to make Germany great again, and that could never happen if they had to keep following various rules of things that didn't involve them. Hitler went on to invade the Rhineland, totally re-militarising it.The Treaty of Versailles clearly stated that Germany wasn't to be allowed troops in that area of Germany.

Hitler claimed that he would've ordered his troops to retreat if he had come across resistance from the French or the British.However no French or British tro..