Artist:El Greco (Domenikos Theotokopoulos) Date:1541-1614.The painting was done in 1609 Scale: 47 3/4 x 42 3/4 (approx. 4ft. x 4ft.) El Greco was a "Spanish" Mannerist painter of the late Renaissance, whose work, represents the Acme of Spanish art. El Greco's View of Toledo, almost seems to anticipate the Impressionists of the 1800s.

The rich tones of violet, azure, and emerald green do not translate well, here-but they are remarkable for the era.Also, the stylized landscape departs dramatically from the exciting requirements of realistic depiction's of nature, even in the romantic genre of the pastoral.Perhaps this painting and its almost psychedelic hues takes a cue from Michaelangelo's Chapel ceiling, which, when it was recently restored, used similar and The view is the only independent landscape by the artist that survives.He has imaginatively reconfigured the city, showing the cathedral not in its actual position in the This is a painting of the View of Toledo (the city).This is an example of a landscape painting (showing no figures in it).It was only about 4ft.

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x 4ft. and it was not one of the larger paintings that were in the room. I would have to say that its function was El Greco glorifying the place where he lived (Toledo).He pretty much painted things just as he saw it.I also think that El Greco was more of a religious painter.He observed (studied) the city of Toledo. As for the expressive content, I used the Feldham critique-which is the highest level of critique.

In looking at this painting,; I saw clouds, buildings, trees, grass, water, hills, bridges, and colors.The buildings were not as long as El Greco painted them.He had poor vision and he could not see well, so therefore he had elongated them more then they really were.This is also a very dark painting and there kind of ..