Tim O'Brien's If I Die in a Combat Zone Michael Hunt's Lyndon Johnson's War There are so many events in history that it is impossible to know them all.Despite that fact, there are many different sources on events that happened in history.Each source has their unique style of illustrating an event and depending on what works best for the readers; sometimes a combination of sources will give the readers a better understanding of the event or there may be just one that better exemplify the event.An event that will be looked at is the Vietnam War.

The occurrence of the Vietnam War will always be remembered as a time when America has to deal with many controversial issues.There are two books that can assist us in understanding the controversial.Thefirst book is If I Die in a Combat Zone by Tim O'Brien; it's a searing, intensely personal account of O'Brien's experience as a Vietnam foot soldier that takes readers behind the infantryman's rifle from minefields of My Lai to the darkness of the ghostly tunnels.The second book is Lyndon Johnson's War by Michael Hunt. It's an attempt to explain how the United States came to be drawn into the conflict in Southeast Asia by using current American and Vietnamese sources.After comparing and contrasting between the two books, I believe that Tim O'Brien If I Die in a Combat Zone is a better representation of the Vietnam War.I came to that conclusion after analyzing these comparisons:how does each book approach the Vietnam War; what each book tell us about the war; what each book did not address; and how does each book complement each other.

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Tim O'Brien and Michael Hunt's style of writing and their approach to the Vietnam War are completely different; Tim O'Brien approaches the war by telling his fictional story that closely resembles his personal account of the time when he was a foot soldier in Vietna…