The use of the atomic bomb in World War II was a controversial and horrifying site. Although the use of thefirst bomb on Hiroshima may be justified the use of the second bomb on Nagasaki was not. The topics discussed in this research paper will be the reasons for and against thefirst bomb and the reasons against the second bomb.The use of thefirst atomic bomb on Hiroshima was a necessary step towards winning the war with Japan.

The dropping of this bomb saved many American lives that would have most likely been lost in the war effort had we decided not to use the atomic bomb. The dropping of this bomb also showed the Japanese that we were not afraid to do what was necessary to win the war and that they should surrender while they had the chance. The dropping of thisfirst atomic bomb may have also saved Japanese lives in the process, because of the high death rate of war. This is why thefirst bomb used on Hiroshima was justified.Many people however feel that we were not justified in dropping either of the atomic bombs on Japan.

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They feel this because along with militaristic people we had to kill innocent civilians. Many people in this group also feel that although the atomic bombs ended the war quickly that we would have eventually won anyway. It is believed that it would have taken an estimated 18 months to cripple Japan enough for it to be forced to surrender. This is why some people feel that America was not justified in dropping the atomic bombs.Although most feel that America was justified in dropping both atomic bombs some people feel that they did not have warrant dropping the second bomb. These people feel that America should have given Japan an ultimatum saying that they would drop another bomb if Japan did not surrender unconditionally.

The site for dropping the second bomb was based only upon the population of Nagasaki; there was no reason to use the bomb on a civilian location. Instead of using…