The dream that one day a black man could walk outside and not have to be forced to work, was an fantasy that many slaves had while under there masters rule. There goal was simple, to be free. They did not care what hardships and difficulties they went through, they wanted to be free and many fought very hard for there freedom. The slaves had two choices; they could either live under the wrongful doings of slavery or attempt to be free. Although many of the slaves picked thefirst choice due to the petrified emotions of getting caught, but the ones who did attempt to be free found success using the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad seemed so good to be true that many wondered how this opportunity could ever be missed. In the time of slavery this was a system that would free the slaves from the cruel treatments of there masters.

The accomplishment of the Underground Railroad revolved around Pennsylvania where the much help of the Quakers made it possible. Without the help of the Quakers, the Underground Railroad would have not been successful the way it was. The early stages of the creation of the Underground Railroad were very quite and successful. The Underground Railroad was neither a road nor underground; it was any number of houses, caves, hidden rooms, and empty barns, and it was any place a runaway could safely hide (Buckmaster, 42). Thefirst stage of the Underground Railroad began with the contribution of the Quakers. The Quakers created a very important group including freed black men and women, and began an abolition movement.

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This group developed an escape route which wasfirst called the underground road but then later changed to the Underground Railroad. It functioned before and during the American Revolution and then through the 1800’s. The group began out small but then slowly made its way to the top. The slaves became more and more aware of this group and successfully kept it all a secret. The Undergro..