In the 1800s, many countries were competing for ownership of the Pacific Northwest region, between Canada and the Oregon territories.

Among these were Spain, Britain, the U.S., and Russia. They all wanted land, because with land came money, and with money came power.

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The United States had the best claim to the Pacific Northwest region in the 1800's because of their attempts at exploration of the entire area, the settlement that occurred because of this exploration, and the fur traders who were thefirst American residents of this area. There were many explorers and many exploratory attempts which helped to strengthen the claims of the U.S through the passing of information.

One of the most famous of these were the Lewis and Clark expeditions. Lewis and Clark helped lay claim to the area through the knowledge passed on from the journals and records they kept. The knowledge that was gained from their explorations provided Americans with a fuller account of the potential and opportunity available in the Pacific Northwest. Robert Gray also helped to lay claim to the area with his discovery of the Columbia River. This attracted fur traders who came into this area and sealed the presence of the United States.

These expeditions allowed the U.S. to find out what was in the area and gave them a chance to settle, improve the land, and produce from the land. The exploration of the Pacific Northwest led to settlements such as missions and residential land which was improved and produced from, further strengthening the U.

S claim. The pioneers came to settle and improve the land. These pioneers came running because of the Oregon promoters. These people encouraged residence in this area through glittering articles in magazines and newspapers. Fur traders and early explorers told of scenic beauty and ideal climates luring many people towards the Pacific Northwest region. There were also the Homestead and Donation Land Acts which gave peo.