The Sphinx is 250 long and 60 ft high. Egyptologist’s believed that the Sphinx was built in 2500 BC in the time of the pharaoh Chephren, but recent findings by John Anthony West suggest that there are water erosions unlike any other marks found on other Giza monuments. Unlike sand and winderosions, which produce horizontal marks, West found that the erosion marks on the Sphinx were vertical…like those associated by water, but unlike the sand and wind marks which can be explained thanks to the destructive forces of the Sahara, where did the watermarks originate? The scientist had several debates over the true age ofthe Sphinx. They guessed that the sphinx must be much older than 9000 years.

As there were a lot of rain storms and lakes in Africa 10.000 yearsago, the Sphinx could be built in these years. Another point is that the Sphinx is not a monument of the ancient Pharao Chefren. That;s what a police officer proved after several researches. At least they are pretty sure how the Sphinx was built: Atfirst they built the head.

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Then they built the body. To build the body they moved huge Blocks. That;s amazing that they could move blocks like this and that they could build monuments like the Sphinx and the pyramids. As time went by the body of the sphinx rain eroded the body of the Sphinx.

Later wind eroded the Sphinx. They renovated the …