I am doing my report on what happened before and during the Trojan War.The Trojan War was a war that Greece and Troy fought.The story of Troy is over 3,000 years old.The ancient Greeks sang the story of the war from memory.This war involves gods, half-gods, and mortals.

Thefirst book of the Iliad and the Odyssey was written in English in 1475.Most people have heard the ending, but the way it started should have been a happy thing, but it ended up bad. Hecuba, the queen of Troy, had a baby.Prophecy said that the baby would someday burn Troy down.

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So, when the baby was born, the King took the baby and went to kill it, but he couldn't.Then he gave it to a servant to kill.The servant took it to the top of a mountain and left it there to die.

Then, when he returned five days later, he saw the baby being nursed by a female bear.He thought the baby was destined to live, so he secretly raised the baby.The baby's name was Paris.When he grew up he was a cowherd.

Now this boy was a very good judger; he judged contests between bulls.Zeus, the ruler of Mount Olympus (also known as the god of lightning), noticed that Paris was a very good judger.What he noticed came in useful during a wedding he went to. Two gods were getting married.

Every god was invited except for Eris, the goddess of strife.Eris snuck in to the room, throws a golden apple into the party.The apple said, "To the Fairest."The goddesses started to argue.

Hera said, "I'm the most beautiful.I should have it."Then Athena said, "I'm more beautiful than you are, Hera.I think I should have it."Aphrodite said, "I'm more beautiful than all of you.I should have it.

"The goddesses asked Zeus who should have the golden apple.Zeus knew that if he picked one of the gods, the two others would be angry at him.So he remembered Paris was a good judger, so he gave to…