The Treaty Of Versailles
The treaty of Versailles was started in the palace of Versailles in 1919 by four leaders George Chemenceau of France, Vittorio Orlando of Italy, Woodrow Wilson of America and David Lloyd George.
Each leader from the different countries had met to devise a treaty over what would happen to Germany. Each country had its own set of rules it wanted to incorporate into the treaty of what they believed should happen to Germany. Once these rules where set Germany could do nothing and had no say in what was being changed.
Clemenceau wanted revenge against Germany due to the fact the German attacks had destroyed over 75,000 houses and 23,000 factories, their battle zones were ripped apart and 1,500,000 soldiers were killed.
Clemenceau wanted compensation and to punishGermany for what they had done. He also wanted to stop any further attacks on France from Germany, to do this he wanted the area of land calledRhineland which connected Germany and France and was also the place most likely for the Germans to attack France from. He wanted Alsace-Lorraine back again which Germany had taken from him in 1871.
Orlando declared war on Germany in 1915, It took France and Britain to stop this war by promising Orlando control of the Adriatic Coast line. This was the only reason he was in the treaty because he wanted to make sure France and Britain kept their promise.
Woodrow Wilson came into the war quite late on in 1917 but America suffered no damage at all. He believed that there should be a league of nations set up which would settle disputes between countries before they turned into wars.
Lloyd George believed that Germany shouldn't be treated to harshly yet he had said two quotations that showed he had a resentment against Germany,
'Squeeze them until their pips Squeak!'
Although he did say he wanted then to recover he still said that they should be de

The Treaty of Versailles was an agreement signed by four people. They were Georges Clemeneau of France, David Lloyd George of Britain, Vittorio Orlando of Italy and Woodrow Wilson on the U.S. The Treaty was constructed by Woodrow Wilson of the U.S. The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty that bought an end to World War I. It listed fourteen points that would cause peace between all the countries. Germany were not allowed to have their say about the treaty or share their opinions about it as they were blamed for the whole war even though it was not entirely their fault alone. They were blamed for the whole war as they surrendered. Many of the fourteen points of the treaty were against Germany and took away many of their rights as a country. This was very unfair towards Germany.
The Treaty stated that Germany had to pay £6,600 million sterling to repair all the damage that the war had caused. This was unfair as Germany did not cause the war all by itself and should not have had to pay for it all the damage caused by the war. It also stated that many countries would become an independent country and would not be ruled by a bigger country which was fair.
A fair point that was made on the treaty said that all wartime guns and weapons would be melted down. This was good as it meant there was an unlikely chance that another war would break out and anymore people getting injured.
Germany was blamed for the whole war and causing it. This was wrong as it was not Germany's fault alone and many other countries had also helped start it and were to blame too, not just Germany. Many of the terms of the treaty were very harsh to Germany and gave them harsh punishments such as to limit the size of their army and to give up its empire. This was unfair because Germany did not deserve it as the war was not their fault so they should not have had to pay by limiting the s