I chose this event for my topic because I thought it was pretty interesting. In history class you never really go over the treaties and what they're all about, so I thought that it would be a good event to do. On June 28, 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed at the Palace of Versailles, which ended military actions against Germany in World War 1. The treaty provided peace between Germany and 32 Allied and associated nations, including Britain, France, Italy, and Japan.

It also provided a reorganization of the boundaries and certain territories of European nations and areas controlled in Africa, Asia, and Pacific Ocean. A group of four men, called "The Big Four", consisted of President Woodrow Wilson of the U.S., Prime Minister David Lloyd George of the U.K., Premier Georges Clemenceau of France, and the Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando of Italy.

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Georges Clemenceau, of France, wanted to make Germany pay for all of the damage that France had suffered during the four years of fighting. He also wanted to make sure that a war like this would never happen again. Overall, he had three main demands.

One, in 1871, Germany had taken Alsace-Lorraine, so he wanted Germany to return it to France. Two, during the war Germany had destroyed 750,000 houses and 23,000 factories, so he wanted to make sure that Germany paid for the damages. Three, he wanted to be able to take possession of the Rhineland, in order to stop Germany from attacking France in the future. David Lloyd George, of Great Britain, believed there may be problems in the future, so Germany shouldn't be treated too harshly and they should be allowed to recover. He also believed that the Rhineland should be "demilitarised" and France shouldn't be able to take it. Although Lloyd George didn't think they should be treated harshly, most of the people in Britain's slogans were: " Make Germany Pay" .