The purpose of thisreport is to find out the prevalence of insomnia among college students.

Itcreates an understanding of insomnia as well as its causes. It explains thedifferent types of insomnia found amongst students as well as the possibleavailable solutions. With an understanding of this, it is possible tounderstand the sleeping problems faced by students these days as well as thetreatments or solutions available for them.It is important to identifythe medical and psychological causes before deciding on the treatment forinsomnia. It depends on the type of sleep problem you have. Treatment ofinsomnia can be done by two methods which are medication based andnon-medication based. There are several different types of ways which are used fortreating insomnia. Many professionals do not recommend use of medication likesleeping pills for treating insomnia.

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Doctors and psychiatrists lay moreemphasis on treating the root of the problem causing insomnia like stress,anxiety, depression and work load rather than taking medication for treating it.College students whoare affected by insomnia mostly do not achieve high academic performance andmay even risk failure. This can affect the whole present and future of astudent which they may regret their whole life. Students may not be aware ofthe fact that their unhealthy sleeping habits may be cause of their poorperformance in college as students are sleep deprived and may feel drowsinessin the morning. Many think insomnia is the symptom of other mental disorderslike anxiety and depression. Depression is now common among college students.Insomnia can increase clinical depression.

Improving sleeping patterns andaddressing insomnia can increase the chances of improving depressive symptoms.An article published in the BBC News (“Insomnia damages relationships”, 2011)stressed that the lack of sleep needs to be treated as a major health issue. Insomnia among Collegestudents can be caused by several factors which include unhealthy eatinghabits, unhealthy sleeping habits, intake of excessive caffeine, use ofcellphones, laptops or any kinds of screens, stress, and lack of physical activityin their daily lives. Insomnia can be classified into two types primary andsecondary. Primary insomnia occurs if an individual has problems sleeping whichis not caused by some health condition or some problem.

The secondary insomniaoccurs when an individual has sleeping problems because of other reasons such ahealth condition like some kind of disease or taking some form of medication.Insomnia is a sleepdisorder which causes difficulty in falling asleep or staying asleep. Having agood night sleep is an important part of all our lives it allows our body andmind to rest and our body to re-energize. Without getting a proper good nightsleep we wake up tired and fatigued, our body and mind becomes stressed we feelirritated and low on energy, thereby, not allowing us to function or be at ourbest as we need our body to be. It causes a depressed mood, stress and anxiety.

Waking up tired and not being able to sleep at night are general complaintsfound among College students.  Studentssuffering from insomnia may have one or more of these symptoms difficulty infalling asleep, waking up too early in the morning, feeling tired after wakingup, waking up during the night and having trouble going back to sleep.