A seaplane and the Titanic are similar and different in many ways.On October 22, 1929, thefirst seaplane was constructed by Edward Armstrong.A seaplane is a small plane that can float on water.At 11:40 pm, on April 14, 1912, the Titanic hit an iceberg.Two and a half hours later, it sank. A seaplane and the Titanic can both transport people across a body of water.Seaplanes take off from lakes, and the Titanic set sail from a harbor in New England. The Titanic and a seaplane can both be luxurious.

They both have well-padded seat with luxurious interior.On the Titanic they served high quality foods.They provided comfortable beds for thefirst class section. The Titanic and seaplanes can also be tremendously diverse from one another.For example, seaplanes travel faster that the Titanic did.Seaplanes can be convenient to many people.They are quick ways to get from state to state.On the other hand the Titanic was meant to get to New York, but not in record time.

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Another example, of their differences is that they are different sizes.A modern day seaplane is meant to hold a maximum of 14 passengers.The Titanic was huge, and was meant to carry a couple thousand people. The Titanic and modern seaplanes resemble each other in a few ways.They are also extremely diverse.Seaplanes are small and can transport people from place to place quickly.The Titanic was enormous and was meant for the passengers to have a luxurious trip. .