Fourteen years ago to this day a tragic event took place in China, especially for the people that had invested so much time trying to gain more freedom. The Tiananmen Square Massacre was a smack in the face for the pro democratic nationalists in China.

Months of progress through demonstrating came to a halt during the night of June 3rd, 1989 as two hundred eighty thousand troops entered the square and proceeded to kill an estimated two to seven thousand Chinese nationalists and injure over twenty thousand others. " It was almost a revolution." [1] The Tiananmen Square protests may have at the time seemed like a huge waste to the defeated young demonstrators but many changes to the rights and freedoms of the Chinese people have occurred and are a direct result of the events that took place in Tiananmen Square.These changes are not enough for those that have suffered from the events.

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Many of the families and people that were injured or negatively affected seek criminal justification for these crimes.Until the Chinese government can look back upon it's past and punish those who were responsible it cannot move on toward the future.Through the use of inhumane rights abuse and propaganda the government has made an attempt to silence the intellectuals that are trying to inform China's people of what must be done.What was the government like before the late 80s protests? Why did the event take place? What has changed since the incident?Has the government given its people the rights they deserve?What must be done to forget the past and move forward into the future? In the late 1970's and early 80's Deng Xiaoping brought forward ideas of capitalist reform, which were celebrated throughout China. He was distinguished as a great visionary and reformer. In 1985 Deng was named "man of the year" by both Time magazine and the National Review.

Deng oversaw a stream of market reforms that op…