On the day of September 11th 2001 I was in high school, I will never forget where I was when I heard about the attacks.I was sitting in Physiology class when my teacher received a phone call.After he got off the phone Mr. Kocher then preceded to tell us that the world trade center and Pentagon had been attacked.The class soon erupted with many thoughts of the even.One thought stood out the most, the threat of war.With the events of September 11th the threat of going to war with a country overseas has grown. The threat of going to war really hits home for me.

My dad is in the Air Force along with his two brothers, my mom's brother is also in the Air Force.I was deeply afraid that one of my family members might get called to go overseas.It is a scary thought knowing that my dad could get called out at any moment.

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I recently asked my dad how he felt about us going to war.He told me that he is not afraid to fight for his country but is afraid of not seeing his family again.I asked other military personnel within my church how they felt and they all basically replied the same thing. Another thought is the threat of a draft.

I heard from many boys at school that they were scared of a draft being passed.Some of the boys I knew were going out and enlisting as soon as they could, many though did not want to leave their homes, friends and family. As the past year went by the threat of going to war increased.Soon after September 11th we wanted revenge against the terrorists who attacked our country and we still do, lately though there has been talk of going to war with Iraq.

To be honest I have no idea of why we need to go to war with Iraq.If we were to go to war it would be us who fights it, us in being the younger generation.I can remember when I was about ten and worrying that my dad was going to get called out to Dessert Storm.Now though I worry about my friends getting called out, I know of a co…